A Look in the Mirror

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The difference between gamification, simulation and serious games

G2G3 has delivered hundreds of our DevOps simulations world-wide. This got us thinking, how are we doing with our own DevOps journey? It didn’t take much introspection for us to realise some things needed to change.

Now, sometimes it’s easy to deny the reality of our situation and, as a result, never change anything. We can just get comfortable and convince ourselves that nothing needs to be different. But this leads to stagnation and complacency. This is how you wind up in a rut.

The way out is to stop and take an honest look in the mirror and assess what is working, what needs changing and what just doesn’t fit anymore.

By the end of 2017, G2G3 had been through a lot of change. The changes were hard and necessary. Some of the changes involved restructuring our senior leaderhip team, refining the focus of our company and solutions in the marketplace and finally, joining a new family of like-minded companies within our Capita home.

As we prepared for the new year we sat down as a team and looked at our people, processes and our products.  We also looked to the future; both short term and longer. To be blunt, we weren’t in a great place.  Work was difficult, there was little focus, and despite our small size, the left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing.  We realised we needed to change the way we deliver value for our customers and partners, and importantly, find a way to give working at G2G3 a sense of purpose again.

So, over the coming weeks, we will be detailing our own transformation journey here on our blog. We will tell you about the changes made and lessons learned. Plus, we will share with you the exciting new things coming up in 2018.