Change is inevitable

Does Learning & Certification Need Reinvented?

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Is learning and certification at a turning point and ripe for reinvention?A recent article* from Forbes, entitled 'The new era of learning is here, and it's not hype", suggests that:• traditional learning models and methods are hitting…
Lessons for DevOps Leadership Success from the Military

Lessons for DevOps Leadership Success from the Military

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Here at G2G3 we like to take inspiration from the military on occasion. Our love of simulation was originally borne from the use of simulations and experiential learning in the military as a means of powerful mission rehearsal. Our company name…

Engaging People During Transformation

Transformation in business it taking place every day. Organizations are constantly evolving in order to meet increasing customer expectations. The scale of change can range from smaller transformation initiatives such as the implementation of…

Successfully Communicating Transformation

56%* of change projects fail due to ineffective communications. Hardly a surprising statistic when most people know that effective communication is crucial when trying to achieve anything, be it personal or professional . However, with 84% of…

Experiential Learning - A missing ingredient in Transformation Programs

Organizations have to now cope with more change than they ever have before. Whether it be automation and digitization, cloud, lean operations or analytics and big data- the pace of change is faster and more critical than ever.Efforts to…