The difference between gamification, simulation and serious games

A Look in the Mirror

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G2G3 has delivered hundreds of our DevOps simulations world-wide. This got us thinking, how are we doing with our own DevOps journey? It didn’t take much introspection for us to realise some things needed to change. Now, sometimes it’s…
ITSM Education needs a change

Why ITSM education needs a shake up

IT Service Management has evolved greatly over the last few years. It is no longer just a set of practices that helps aligns technology and end users, it is now the single most important function for driving business value in todays digital…

Why Digital Leaders Need To Champion Experiential Learning

The pace of digital transformation means that Digital Leaders need to be able to quickly and effectively adapt their strategies, mindset and thinking to keep pace with ever- changing market demands. It’s not an easy job. You need to ensure…

What is DevOps?

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An effective DevOps program can increase your business agility, increase satisfaction of your customers, increase productivity and increase your speed to market through collaboration. DevOps: What is it? As one of the trending topics of the…