Combat Phishing attacks with Gamification


Cybersecurity. It’s a hot topic for not just the CIO but the entire Board. The number of cyber attacks are rising in terms of frequency and severity. New and sophisticated hacking methods are being developed almost as fast as you can blink.

Organizations are spending a huge percentage of budget trying to tackle this and make sure their networks and infrastructure are as protected as possible. Despite this, 90% of large organizations and 74% of SME’s have reported suffering a security breach in 2015.

A study by cyberthreat Yearbook found successful cyber attacks on businesses increased by 144% over a four year period up to 2015. A staggering 93% of DPA breaches are caused by human error. People are still the weakest link in your cyber security chain.

If organizations wish to significantly reduce the cyber threat, they need to also focus on the creation of a human-centred cyber security strategy in order to raise awareness, train and educate your people around the very real threats facing your business.

Phishing attacks are still one of the biggest dangers when it comes to protecting your network investment. Alarmingly, in 2015, the rate of spearphishing campaigns targeting employees increased by 55%.

There are steps being made to try and keep this threat under control. Organizations are investing increasing amounts in employee training and awareness. Some organizations have their own security mandatory training programs and some are deploying simulated phishing attacks to test their cyber resilience. Despite this, still 20-30% of employees receiving phishing emails are still opening them.

What if there was a different way to engage and educate your employees? What if you incorporated human psychology into your training and education? what if you turned the situation round and got your employees to get “into the mind” of a cybercriminal and how they operate? The G2G3 PhishNet platform does exactly this. It doesn’t just send out generic phishing emails to test your audience and then push out mandatory training accordingly, it uses game mechanics to powerfully educate and train employees from the perspective of the attacker. This ultimately provides a powerful and unique perspective and instantaneous understanding around the different types of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

PhishNet combines game mechanics with interactive and educational content that ensure your employees have a strong and solid understanding of how different types of phishing attacks are formulated, thus making it easier to identify and report any future potential phishing attacks.

Your employees are your achilles heel of cybersecurity. It falls to the security team to enlighten and engage them on the seriousness of being cyber savvy and the dangerous consequences of falling victim to attacks.

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