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    Our groundbreaking new Digital Simulation for IT Service Management

The IT Service Management Digital Simulation is an exciting new way to drive awareness and breakthrough understanding around service management best practices and operating models.

The IT Service Management (ITSM) Digital Simulation is an immersive, single- player online experience that can be used to educate, transform and sell around complex scenarios, operating models or best practices. The Digital Simulation is the first of its kind and is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly and effectively engage and educate your people around the benefits and value that world-class Service Management practices can deliver for the business.

The Digital Simulation offers a a high-impact way to engage large or distributed audiences, bringing to life the positive business impact of Service Management best practice through interactive 'what if' scenarios and holistic business and IT metrics.

The ITSM Digital Simulation leverages experiential learning and powerful game mechanics to fully immerse people into a real life holistic business environment. It allows your people to experience the Service Management journey to maturity through the application of best practice and allows them to directly experience the benefits through instant feedback mechanisms.

The ITSM Digital Simulation includes two components.

The overview can be used as an engaging stand alone tool or it can be used with the full digital simulation experience to provide a deeper understanding of IT Service Management.

The overview is a compelling, visually immersive journey centered around the Service Management lifecycle, best practices, influencing factors and benefits. The overview aims to engage and educate your people around Service Management best practices and can be used as a stand alone tool or in conjunction with the Digital Simulation.

The complete digital experience, facilitated over a number of engaging scenarios, allowing you to realize the full benefits and value of Service Management practices and operating models.


The ITSM Digital Simulation is designed to be aligned to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. The simulation can be used out-the-box to create high-level ITIL awareness and understanding of core ITIL processes, or easily customized to bring to life your specific enterprise or Service Management processes or operating models.



The ITSM Digital Simulation is a 2-hour immersive digital experience, which can be completed over one or multiple visits, dependent upon time and availability. It's interactive capability requires direct action and the applied learning has benefits and consequences. This intant feedback mechanism drives mastery and heightened retention of Service Management Best Practice.

  • Uses real examples of IT-related issues faced by businesses, yet is a safe place to learn and experiment without risk
  • Highlights different roles across IT and the business to ensure understanding of the differing lenses of an end-to-end service approach
  • Differs with each ‘play’ depending on your approach to problems and scenarios making the experience ‘re-usable’ and personalised
  • Allows you to test out ‘what if’ questions; for example, ‘what if I switch on prioritisation of incidents; what impact will this have on my business’?
  • Can integrate optional game mechanics, such as points, leaderboards, high-impact supporting communications and more to drive competition and heightened engagement across your business
  • Offers an exciting and compelling alternative to traditional e- learning and other Service Management training options

  • Create universal buy-in and commitment around Service Management
  • Accelerate successful transformation
  • Engage and energize people with exciting game-like interface
  • Increase learning retention and mastery
  • Make Service Management fun!

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