G2G3 DevOps Simulation a finalist

G2G3 is delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist at Computing’s brand new DevOps Excellence Awards being presented at a glitzy ceremony tonight in London, Wednesday 22nd March 2017!

We’ve been nominated in the category of ‘Best DevOps Training Provider’ for our G2G3 DevOps Simulation workshop experience.

The G2G3 DevOps simulation:

  • Directly addresses the biggest risk to your DevOps success: People. More than 50% of DevOps initiatives fail due to people issues (Gartner), as opposed to technology or process issues.. By simulating your DevOps future state, it communicates a DevOps vision and accelerates a positive DevOps culture.
  • Gets anyone ‘touched’ by DevOps on the same page and speaking the same language; it clearly communicates the case for change, Devops value to all and turns DevOps opponents into advocates.
  • Immerses participants into a high-impact simulated environment whereby they are challenged to release new products whilst internal and external forces continually change. This realistic approach delivers a level of tension and excitement that creates an ‘A-HA!’ moment for all involved.
  • Is high-impact, experiential and fun. It breaks down silos and builds stronger teams. People who go through our simulations remember the experience clearly 10 years later. How many training solutions can genuinely make that claim?
  • Is perfect for multiple audiences who need to understand DevOps; for example gaining executive buy-in to DevOps initiatives, engaging development teams, engaging those involved in service, process and integration roles, engaging operations, the wider business and more.
  • DevOps means different things to different people. The G2G3 DevOps Simulation is flexible in facilitation, supporting different content and operating model approaches.

We’re looking forward to tonight; it will be exciting to meet businesses who have experienced real DevOps success as well as vendors and consultants helping make that success happen.  We’re also keeping our fingers crossed for success!

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