G2G3 launches Gamification-as-a-Service solution: onGame

It’s an exciting time for G2G3… we’ve taken all of our domain knowledge around IT and the challenges CIO’s face, and combined this with our game science expertise to create a brand new Gamification Platform – onGame.

onGame offers a targeted ‘gamification-as-a-service’ solution that directly addresses the huge challenges that every enterprise faces in terms of managing the spiraling cost ofemployee and digital consumptionThis includes, but is not limited to, data storage, printing, travel and much more. These issues are an even bigger challenge for distributed and complex IT environments, who face multiple business implications from a cost, security and compliance & regulatory perspective.
Key to addressing these challenges is focusing on people and driving changes in behavior – difficult to do, when the desired changes are often considered unwelcome.
onGame by G2G3 is different – it offers a web-based engagement solution which uses a combination of game mechanics and compelling communications to help achieve the desired goal. The web platform uses game mechanics such as leaderboards, competition, charitable donations and rewards to incentivize people towards behavioural change, whilst the bold and visual supporting communications really help drive success by telling the story and capturing hearts and minds.
onGame is currently available in 3 variants: 
onGame Storage – tackling the growth of company data and the associated costs and complexities; helping switch off storage drives, reducing unstructured and structured data volumes, supporting cloud migration/data centre shift/application migration or governance related data movement or removal
onGame Printing – driving reductions in printing and printer volumes across organisations; still a significant issue as according to Gartner, office printing continues to consume 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue.
onGame Tasking – helping inject fun and incentivization into any process or task-based system
The ‘gamification-as-a-service’ model means that businesses can be up and running quickly, with low entry costs and rapid and demonstrable return on investment.
Don’t just take our word for it. See the difference our gamification solution made to Swiss Re: