Does Learning & Certification Need Reinvented?

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Change is inevitable

Is learning and certification at a turning point and ripe for reinvention?

A recent article* from Forbes, entitled ‘The new era of learning is here, and it’s not hype”, suggests that:

• traditional learning models and methods are hitting their use-by-dates

• technology is turning the ‘best practices’ of the past on their head, at a rate faster than the average enterprise can absorb

• training costs will reduce, and learning efficacy increase, as new technologies become mainstream in the near future

Bold statements. So… are they true and what does this mean for our industry?

Change is afoot as we slowly witness a move away from some of the more ‘traditional’ models of training, testing and certification. But is this because the content and learning providers are challenged to keep pace with evolving practices meaning there is a lack of relevance in the content? Or is it due to an ongoing struggle to keep up with with people’s increasing engagement expectations? Or the most likely explanation – it’s both.

Large and fixed bodies of knowledge are at a distinct disadvantage, because digital transformation is happening at a faster rate than most businesses can deal with; meaning the time span at which fixed knowledge has any sort of sustainable value keeps shrinking.

At the end of the day though, what the market demands, the market will get, with savvy CIOs and leaders spearheading change from the inside out. For example, many of our clients are major financial services organizations moving towards DevOps ways of working. They want instead to instill a culture of continuous learning, where flex and innovation are the norm, and where learning solutions can support an ongoing degree of change. For them, it’s now about experience, collaboration and ultimately value. They want people to be immersed and inspired by their training experiences.

Therein lies the challenge. How can learning evolve away from stagnated fixed knowledge towards a model of continuous learning? How can testing and certification evolve to be experiential, relevant and truly validating as opposed to regurgitative?  How can we take advantage of the emerging reality to genuinely change the way we learn for the better?

There needs to be a universal move towards new ways of learning and certification that truly enable growth and development of people and business. And it has to start with commitment to change from the industry itself.

* Forbes. ‘The new era of learning is here, and it’s not hype’, Aug 15, 2017,