The challenge:

AmerisourceBergen were undergoing a significant and important IT Service Management transformation program that would impact 700 associates across the business. The challenge was to engage people around the positive benefits that the changes would bring, and how this would drive improved services, innovation and connectivity across three previously distinct IT groups and their business partners.

The solution:

Our consultants conducted initial discovery sessions in Philadelphia and Dallas to very quickly understand the client situation and begin to prescribe the optimal communications solution to address this.

There was a strong appetite to take a fresh approach to their communications and develop cool, creative and fun deliverables that told their transformation story in a fresh and memorable way to engage their people.

We designed a powerful program brand that translated their IT Service Management vision and wider Enterprise IT Strategy into a powerful and consistent visual identity.

Our objective was to highlight the key benefits of their new, service focused approach to IT in a highly visual way that would capture imaginations and inspire participation. We designed an infographic mapping their journey from their status quo to their IT nirvana. This tool was presented to leaders and managers in a way that enabled them to easily communicate why, what and how their organization was changing in a controlled and consistent way.

We worked seamlessly with our client to produce a scenario based, parallax animation that brought to life the critical "what’s in it for me" messages for IT associates in an innovative, simple and entertaining way.

Educating People. Inspiring Change. Driving Success.