Global Consulting Organization

The solution:

G2G3 rapidly engaged and designed a program of communications and contextual education specifically to address and resolve the human-centered challenges faced by this global consulting organization.

G2G3's approach was to create a people-focused campaign and learning program, built around the tangible benefits realized by the staff who had participated in the successful pilot. G2G3 engaged with the leadership team and highly-satisfied users of the pilot, in order to build compelling messages which brought to life the benefits realized. G2G3 then designed and delivered powerful deliverables which communicated these messages including a brand and program identity, video, testimonials, animations, cascade decks, cartoons and more.

G2G3 also designed innovative learning aids for the program. Custom e-learning modules and just-in-time learning videos were developed for each element of the new process, including tips on how to use the tools, roles and responsibilities and best practice.

Educating People. Inspiring Change. Driving Success.